It’s 42 degrees outside…

… and it had to be even colder in my classes this morning. I sat through all of my classes, huddled in my winter coat and shivering. Why does it have to be so cold?! Anyway, my classes were good. We watched a movie about nonverbal gestures in my Sociology class, which consisted of how to flip people off in several different countries (!), and we watched a whole bunch of clips from random stuff in my Media Effects class because we were looking at the Payne Fund Studies on movie effects in children. Fun stuff, actually, but I am a nerd, so… In trying to warm up, I’m going to spend some time digging into my Bible and then doing homework until my lab tonight. My Communications Law prof assigned nine chapters of reading for last week alone! I’m still trying to catch up… that’s like two full weeks’ worth of reading for all of my classes. Grr… I’m going to look into coming up with a skin for this thing that is my own, so… maybe that’ll happen someday. Have a good one.

Current Mood: Cold Listening to: Mute Math, Reset EP Reading: Communications Law


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