Time Well Spent

So… things continue to get more and more insane around here.

I’m so exhausted all around and running on fumes.

I’m so ready for the retreat this weekend.

But today was good, even with the drug hangover (NyQuil). I went to my classes, hit the library to do some research for my Media Effects class, went to college group, grabbed a late meal with the gang (or part of it)… watched the guys skateboard in the freezing cold south parking lot… 🙂 It was fun. Something different. A different vibe. Definitely needed.

It’s funny how God has been using others to encourage me lately. I have felt so lost and so worthless, and He has just been faithful to encourage me and keep me humble all at the same time.

I am covered by such an enormous amount of grace. Amen.

Mood: Content Listening to: Night noises Reading: “Do Media Have Effects?” by E. Perse


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