So incredibly blessed

I don’t remember a time in recent history where I have been so calm, relaxed, and peaceful, and I definitely have my brothers to thank for that. They just make me laugh and bring such joy into my heart.

I am so incredibly blessed!

I have just seen my spiritual family in action this weekend, encouraging and being encouraged. I got to know a lot of people better than I had before, and I got to just kick back and stay away from the drama!

And I even studied, but it was fun, you know? I would be sitting there, studying, listening to my iPod and watching everyone play games and just be filled with joy that I am surrounded by people who are seeking and willing to seek the Lord.

But that’s all I can process right now… I have to debrief with Laura and with my Heavenly Father and then I’ll get back to you.

May God impress upon you recognition of His blessing. Goodnight.

Mood: Peace and calm Listening to: Hawk Nelson, Letters to the President
Reading: Nothing, for once


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