More Scavenger Hunt Pictures…

#1 – Weapon of mass destruction
[[This was a greeting card.]]

#2 – Strawberry lip gloss
[[Why strawberry? We asked the same question. The world may never know.]]

#3 – Urinal
[[Yes… this is a urinal at Copper Mountain. No… we didn’t go in there. Lucas did.]]

#4 – Pink skis

#5 – A baby
[[This is our college pastor’s son, Caleb.]]

#6 – Someone that looks like Phil
[[This was a greeting card.]]

#7 – Skier in a cowboy hat
[[This was on a coaster.]]

#8 – Gumball machine

#9 – Ski school group
[[We figured this one to be somewhat of a business type “group”, not actually a group of kids or something.]]

#10 – A red head (Not Nick)


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