When you can’t find your wallet…

…You can’t find the stamp needed to send your best friend’s birthday card.

It’s so pretty, too! 🙂 LOL.

Anyway, at college group tonight, we split up into guys and girls panels and then came back together for a co-ed panel. It was really good to hear people’s thoughts on waiting and friendships with the opposite sex and whatnot.

It was also definitely needed right now. I’ve been wrestling with some things lately and have come to certain conclusions, which were reaffirmed tonight by my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Now, however, we deal with the fallout of a topic like this: complete and total awkwardness with good friends. Eek! I’m just hoping that it passes. I love my brothers dearly, you know? I’m just praying that God will help them process through this as well… that we would all take to heart His truth and His desire for us to live sacrificial lives unto Him, not unto ourselves or unto others.

For me, there was also a chance to reflect on the healing and the grace that has become so evident in my life over the past few months. Where once there was pain, there are scars testifying to God’s unfailing love! Praise the Lord!

I am forgiven and set free by the mercy of Christ’s blood, and that is more than enough. Amen.

Mood: Contemplative Listening to: Quiet Reading: Between the lines of myself


One thought on “When you can’t find your wallet…

  1. deleted comment as requested. sorry- the issue never occured to me- now that i’ve been informed, will be aware of it. hope everything’s going well. ltares.

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