Check the time… It’s late!

Wow… I just spent the last eight hours discussing stuff in Nick and Phil’s room.

In the beginning, we tackled the panels, hashing out what initiation looks like and what girls’ actions are meant to look like. Then, after most of the girls left (actually, I think I was the only one there for the last three or four hours), we got into politics, war, revenge, miracles, and so much more… what a night!

Hence, the reason I’m still up: my Lit paper, which was pretty much finished when I went over to the South side tonight. Granted, I have a lot of other stuff to do and I am pulling an all-nighter (I’ll sleep tomorrow after my last class). Praise God for Fridays! 🙂

So, yeah… that’s where I am. I am surrounded by men of God who are willing to search for truth. Amen!

Just getting to see their hearts – their desire to protect the hearts of the women in their lives, to protect the lives of the people in their lives, and their heart to wrestle with stuff, even when it causes discomfort or requires change on their part. Praise the God who changes our lives, our minds, and our hearts…

We serve a God that loves us so much. He is sovereign and holy and He is coming back.

What could be time better spent than this? This is abundant life. To God be the glory!

Mood: Tired and sore, but willing Listening to: Chris Tomlin, Arriving
Reading: My Lit paper for corrections and structure… not working


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