Another late night…

I just watched Braveheart for the first time ever and, I must say, it was well worth the three hours to do so. Granted, I didn’t actually see all of the movie (the ceiling and other people are my best friends during battle scenes), but the story was amazing.

My favorite part has to be the exchange of cloth during the wedding ceremony, though. It is a picture of covenant – like when Jonathon and David exchanged garments. Very cool.

Anyway, the guys managed to create “stadium seating” in Nick and Phil’s room by dragging in another couch and placing it on top of two desks behind the other one… we had a ton of food. I really enjoyed the experience.

And, now, I must go to bed because I have to be up to meet with my panel at 11am. I am so ready for next week to be over already. ‘Night.

Mood: Beyond exhaustion Listening to: Braveheart soundtrack in my head
Reading: The clock, which says “SAT 2:14:08 AM”


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