Waiting for it to snow…

… ‘Cause my knee is swollen and, these days, that means one thing: SNOW! 🙂

Anyway, the forecast confirms my suspicions… it should start snowing very soon.

In the meantime, however, I’m icing my knee and I’m going to read some more of the NT Harmony of the Gospels I’m working through (and my OT survey, which is awesome). I also plan on forgetting about my panel this morning (it went okay, but it was really hard to tell how we did grade-wise). Then, I’m going to the library to study for a few hours until my lab, which I’m excited about (the studying… not the lab).

Four hours of sleep and prayer time this morning… what else does one really need to run on?

Mood: Motivated Listening to: Chris Rice, Past the Edges
Reading: OT survey, NT Harmony, The Cost of Discipleship [Bonhoeffer]


One thought on “Waiting for it to snow…

  1. No Way! I had four hours of sleep and prayer time this morning! (it was exactly four hours, too… 2am to 6am)that’s crazy!by the way…you are a spaz! I love my card! thanks, gwinhead. i haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. I do, however, have suspicions that you might be mentally unhinged, which does not bode well for me since we share a brain 😉

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