What I have found…

…Is that I probably should not study with the guys around (but I’ll do it anyway). 🙂

I still manage to get stuff done – it’s just at a much slower pace than I normally would. Oh well.

Anyway, I get to go home today! I’m so eager to see my family – my brother, especially. Maybe I can convince him to come up here next weekend and hang out with me… Hm… I’ll see what I can do.

I have an exam in under an hour and I still have to go buy a blue book… so I’m going to do that now. Laters!

Mood: Tired, I think Listening to: Shawn McDonald, Simply Nothing
Reading: Notes on Chinese and Western interaction from 1500-1800


2 thoughts on “What I have found…

  1. Hey babe, studying with the guys around can be beneficial, because it makes you learn how to focus through distraction, and besides how else r you going to see Chris’s heart pj pants and watch people throw bookshelves off the roof? Have a great day, and thanks for my note today!Chel C

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