Can you ever go home again?

It’s been sobering to be here this weekend… I have no concept of what life is like here at home without me and my parents have no concept of what my life is like at school without them.

I’m stuck between two different roles – friend and peer, and daughter. The fact that I hang out with guys was a momentous occasion for my family, who has not seen me hang out with guys in a few years (since high school). The situations that I have been dealing with (on my own) are not completely understood and, rightly, should not be.

And I feel I can’t even tell them half of the stuff that I know about. Things that I need prayer for… things that are bothering me… things that my friends are going through. It’s just so foreign to them – like they don’t even want to try and understand.

But, overall, it has been a good time to be home. To rest. Sleep. Eat good food. See family. Read some fiction.

And talk to my dad… he’s always been such a good listener, especially when I ramble. God bless his heart.

I miss the Fort, though… I miss hanging out with people at random hours of the night and the sound of constant laughter. The time will come again for that soon enough, however.

Tonight, I will rest, knowing that my parents’ home is somewhere I can always go to, to do so. ‘Night.

Mood: Contemplative Listening to: Quiet Reading: The Road from Coorain, Jill Kerr Conway


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