What a weekend…

So… I got back yesterday morning and wound up taking a ticket for the last OC Supertones concert in Boulder last night (my friend, Steph wasn’t feeling well). It was lot of fun… the Supertones are great live.

But, so… we got back later than was probably good (I kind of got lost on the way back and we stopped at Taco Bell). So… I waited an hour and a half and then started my reading for my lit class (the boring book). Yeah… I’m just a little tired. And sore from standing most of the night. It was good, though.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert with people who actually strive to be physically active (moshing, dancing… that kind of thing), so it was definitely a new experience. People kept running into me… maybe it’s because I’m short and they don’t see me there or something… who knows?

Classes this morning were… pointless? I sat in my first one, writing my accountability stuff and listening to my iPod (we were learning about the French Revolution… please!) And, in the second one, which I was up late and early to finish my work, we didn’t even get to my chapter… so it was pointless… but at least it’s done, right? Yup.

Yeah… I’m going to do some stuff now and then go to Law. Fun stuff. Have a beautiful day!

Mood: Unintelligible Listening to: Delirious?, World Service Reading: Laura’s IMs


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