The Heavens are Telling of the Glory of God…

What a morning! I am so exhuasted… by my standards, I went to bed early (12:30), after reading Marx in comic form (actually, very interesting).

Last night was… wow… it was worship. We did five songs, a ton of Scripture, and a lot of heartfelt prayer. It took almost an hour and half, but it didn’t seem like it – time just stands till at the feet of Christ!

Prayer at Danforth was something I desperately needed this morning, even I’m tired from waking up an hour earlier than normal. To come in adoration and supplication before the day begins is so humbling… it places everything in the right perspective. Prayer has so much power.

I spent a lot of my Sociology class pouring over my Bible, looking for promises on which I can stand (this is why I don’t normally take my Bible – I would never pay attention in class).

Later this morning, I received my media effects grade – I got an A on my exam (and I’m ranked #1 in the class – glory to God!). God is totally affirming the direction of my schooling, and that is such a blessing.

It’s amazing how things fall into place when your priorities are in order – God is so good. Alleluia!

We got out of class really early (15 minutes or so), so I had a half an hour before class. I turned on my iPod and listened to downhere’s self-titled album and walked around campus for a while.

There is nothing like seeing the mountains for the first time on a new day, while listening to “Great Are You,” by downhere – it is a stunning combination.

And “Calmer of the Storm”… how appropriate! I’m just absolutely speechless at the past few months and what I’ve been learning.

Yesterday, I just sat at the feet of my Maker – today I must work for His glory, as much as I just want to sit at His feet and learn.

Now, I face the rest of the day – recognizing my LORD and Savior and knowing that He is sufficient for me…

I can rest fully in His promises.

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2 thoughts on “The Heavens are Telling of the Glory of God…

  1. yup. i’m having that kind of day too. God is amazingly faithful in Hid extravangance (yes, i came up with that right around 6am, and no, i do not expect it to make sense- just smile and nod)

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