We Will Know Then

What can be said when words are gone?
When the sun has set on poetry and written song?
What can be sung when melody fades?
When the moon has risen and tune floats away?

What can be felt when touch is lost?
When fingertips fail to fall on fragile frost?
What can be seen when eyes go blind?
When the sun no longer bestows on us its light?

Can we stand in awestruck silence with no noise to aid our praise?
Can we kneel within Your presence with no words to share our days?

When there is nothing left to compare You to, will we still know what to do?

Then, we will praise You.
Then, we will finally know what You meant when You said we were to worship.

Then, we will bow down.
Then, we will fail with our words at each breath – not having a thought in our heads.

But we will know then.

©2004 Alyssa Kate Grinstead


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