The past few weeks…

…Have been absolutely insane. There is so much going on here that I can barely keep up with it, much less write about it.

Spring break was the week before last and then, last week, Laura came up to stay with me for the week. Easter was amazing. My schedule is picking up again due to my next round of midterms and projects and I’m not feeling well because of a minor accident I was involved in on Sunday.

So, between knocking things off of my to-do list and falling asleep at random times over my schoolwork, I have actually been getting stuff done, which is amazing in and of itself. I’ve also been trying to actually see people and not just sequester myself, which is what I am being tempted to do right now.

Anyway, it might be a while before I actually write about everything that has been going on, but it will happen. I even have pictures! 🙂

Something big is about to happen. I can feel it. Until then, God has me placed firmly in His hands and I have nothing to fear. Amen to that.

Mood: Broken Listening to: Patrick Meese, I Don’t Buy It
Reading: Outlines for my history quiz tomorrow


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