Reminder to Self: "The Original Midnight Email"

Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 23:18:51 –0700 (PDT)
From: Kate
Subject: Midnight…
To: Laura

I just finished having my devotional time, and I was writing in my prayer journal, reflecting on the day’s events and telling God how grateful I am that He has faithful and capable hands to control situations because He knows that I could never handle any of this alone, when it struck me:

He is God.

And, for whatever reason, simply reacknowledging that simple truth brought me an unmistakable peace, and yet, it was an additional peace because He has already brought me immense peace from my earlier encounter with my friend this summer; He has continued that peace.

With Him, nothing is unbeatable, whether it be depression, sin, or even homesickness…

…We are not unbeatable, and neither are our circumstances.

If God is for us, who can be against us and stand the slightest chance of victory? No one.

Sometimes, it takes time; sometimes, it takes forcing ourselves to get closer to Him, despite the pain or lack of desire to do so…

… But He always reveals Himself to His children, and He promises to fulfill the work He has begun in us, whatever that specific design might be.

I’m so grateful for that.

He loves me enough that, not only did He feel that my life was worth His, but that He pays unfluctuating attention to every detail of my life, and He cares enough that He wants to be my past, present, and future…

…Like in The Great Divorce, He desires me to look back and remember the sin as less bitter because He made it so by removing death’s sting, and He desires me to see my current surroundings as His gift to me and my gift to Him, and He wants the only known thing about tomorrow, if it is to come, to be that He will see me through.

He promises to see us through to completion in His eternal throne room when we finally see Him in all of His radiant and divine glory. He is forever faithful.

He is God. Hallelujah.

[[originally published at saLt on 01.31.2004]]
[[This is a copy of an email originally sent to Laura by Kate in August 2003; it has not been altered.]]


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