Heaven’s Battle Cry: Rise!

Once again, I find myself at the beginning of another long week, already exhausted and ready for its end.

But I will find my rest in Christ alone. And I will take that rest that He gives before I dive into anything else.

Life without space for rest is like music without rest, like sentences without spaces, like a room packed to the ceiling with no room to put anything else inside – utterly useless.

So, I will take my rest under the shadow of His wings – singing, even in distress.

God is so incredibly faithful to point out my weaknesses. There are a number of lies that I have simply let exist in my life for several years now. If I ever did put up a fight, it wasn’t nearly enough.

But I don’t need to put up a fight. God will fight for me when I still myself before Him. [Ex. 14:14]

I’ve decided to start fighting, though. For the first time in this area of my life, I am on the offensive. I’m going to start working on extinguishing the flames that are running wild due to Satan’s fiery arrows and my inattentiveness.

Because, guess what! Despite how much I would like to believe otherwise (pridefully, I might add), I am worth something!

In Christ’s eyes, I am the most valuable thing He has – I need not ask for clarity in understanding this, just the trust to believe it.

For years, I have told campers and friends that as believers, we are forgiven and, so, we must live like those forgiven – Christ has given us such tremendous freedom if only we would grasp it.

Now, it is my time to take my own advice – to rise up and live as one forgiven.

I am not a slave to my past. Things have happened that are not my fault.

Until I recognize these as truths, I am to repeat them. One is on my hand in black ink. The other at the forefront of my mind.

“I hear a voice calling out. I hear a voice in this wilderness. Where darkness has reigned for so long, ground is being taken.” [[Bethany Dillon, “I Hear a Voice”]]

Ground is being taken. Finally. I am being healed. Jehovah Nissi. Amen.

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3 thoughts on “Heaven’s Battle Cry: Rise!

  1. The greatest deception that we as Christians experience are those whispers from the devil telling us that the new creation is not there, there is no Spirit, no regeneration in Christ, no adoption as sons and daughters of the ineffable Father.Oh sister, you speak the heart of Scripture. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Let us live as those who are free, unchained, imperishable, undefiled, through the sanctifying blood of the Lamb. If I ever forget who I am, it is my request and your obligation to remind me that I am not who I once was, and I had better not forget it.

  2. “Rise up my child, and see the love I have for you. Let me set you free, it’s what I died to do…”You wrote those words so long ago for others, and now you’re claiming it… and, once again, we are faced with the same battle. It is so difficult to believe the things that we know sometimes.Yet, as you have pointed out to me numerous times, we have all sufficiency in Christ. Everything we need and everything we need to be is found in Him and through Him. Think about that- through Him. That phrase implies an action on our part. So keep fighting, knowing the whole time that you have already been given victory.Jehovah Nissi indeed. Love you.

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