The only thing that changes is the technology…

I’m currently sitting in my VisComm lab learning about how to create pages and templates in DreamWeaver which, despite the fact that I gave up trying to learn how to do things with a few years back, is not all that different from GoLive, which I have been using for the past year and a half (I used GoLive for the saLt site – great program). So… where I thought I would be learning some new stuff, I’m really not. It’s just subtle differences in the way things work (it’s a little bit more polished as a program, to be sure).

So… 🙂 I was supposed to study for my law exam this afternoon between lunch and my lab (which I’m currently in), but instead, I took the afternoon off to rest. I’ve been going almost nonstop for about a week and a half now, and I needed a break.

I started off by doing OT Survey (Job), reading Streams, reading a book by Elisabeth Elliot on guidance, and writing in my prayer journal.

And, then… I took a nap. For more than two hours. (!)

I was really only supposed to sleep for an hour and a half so that I could study for an hour and still get in a shower before class, but… I just let myself sleep.

The reason? I woke up at 2:45 this morning because I had the worst headache I have had in months. After trying to fix it with water (the only medicine I had was stuff you need to take with food to avoid ulcers), I finally put a cold cloth on my head and crashed on the couch. Fun stuff. This morning was even more fun when I got up for my 8am class and still had the headache. After I got a granola bar and the medication into my system, I felt a lot better, to be sure.

I did really well on both of my exams last week, which is awesome because I really need some encouragement right now with my schoolwork. The end of the year is always crazy and this semester, with 18 hours (6 classes), I have a lot to get done in these last five weeks (6 finals, 2 final projects, and a few other exams and papers).

But I’m almost there… it will soon be done. Bittersweet because of the joy at being done and the reluctance to leave, but it will come nonetheless, as will the new school year in the fall.

Speaking of which, I registered yesterday (with frustrating results, but you can only do so much when working with a computerized system). I did get the last seat in a class on Western Mythology (a lit class), which I’m pumped for.

And, now, I should probably start working on my template so that I can start other stuff next week (and actually use the time here in the lab productively).

After I get done with class, I’m hitting the books (I’ll probably lock myself in a cell in the basement – it’s really not that bad). Law exam tomorrow! Sociology on Thursday! Yikes!

It doesn’t matter – I have a God who carries me. I have had my time of sacred idleness, now it is time to work. And that’s okay.

Mood: Eager Listening to: Caedmon’s Call, Back Home
Reading: Elisabeth Elliot, God’s Guidance: A Slow and Certain Light


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