Things that Make My Day…

1. Talking to Laura
2. Hanging out on the Southside of Newsom
3. New music (and good music)
4. Being called a “square” (I admit – it’s funny)
5. Having nothing to do
6. Watching Nick try and hide
7. Walking to class with my iPod
8. Talking with my Homespud (can’t wait for the summer)
9. My campers (especially Sam and Charlie)
10. Laughing
11. Going to Borders with Laura for Accountability
12. Good books (and old ones)
13. Playing my guitar
14. Playing the piano when nobody’s home
15. Sitting at the feet of my Savior
16. Talking to Squirt
17. Playing Nerts with my roommate
18. Chinese food
19. Mexican food
20. Dressing “up”
21. Mealtimes with the gang
22. Recording sessions
23. Time with my dad
24. Writing
25. Reading other people’s blogs
26. Going to the beach or to the mountains
27. Thunderstorms and rain
28. Classes that end early or get cancelled
29. Family dinners
30. Going to bed


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