Seagull in the Snow

Waves crash upon the shore where the sun in nice and warm,
Beating down on those that soar among the clouds above.

A seagull calls and accepts his fate living in his natural state:
A simple life, quiet and safe, in his sheltered cove.

Snow falls and covers all, hiding rocks and trees so tall,
Turning white what once was Fall, and so I gaze behind me.

Searching for food and finding none, needing sustaining from someone,
Sits a seagull far from home, and I must let it be…

We were placed where we are for a reason,
And so our comfort must be found in Grace.
Despite the season or the frigid landscape,
I must find my way, for, like a seagull in the snow, I will stay.

The days pass and the nights fly with wondering how long ‘til I see the sky,
From up in the heights, soaring above Your ocean.

Prayers are raised and songs are sung in waiting and longing to see the Son,
Take me to where Spring has sprung and to my natural home.

The winter comes and the winter goes, and through its sunsets, storms, and snows,
I find that between frosted nose and toes, only then can I see the Son

©2003 Alyssa Kate Grinstead


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