If I knew what to say…

…I am still not sure that I would speak, although I seem to have done enough today.

I’ve been up for 20 hours and I am surviving on about 12 hours of sleep from the last 4 days… yeah, I’m kind of frazzled right now.

I think I’m finally getting sick because of the lack of sleep I have been getting, and my streak of working in preparation for whatever breakdown God has planned for me this week waned tonight. I just couldn’t focus. Too much to think about.

And, then, our friend Garrett went to the ER because he almost stopped breathing. Hence, the later night than originally planned and the height of supreme exhaustion (although I’m not quite loopy yet, I might be by tomorrow).

Anyway… I’m off to find my pillow now (or so I think). Hopefully, I will actually sleep tonight instead of having every intention to and failing to do so (like last night) I feel like my body is about to shut down.

So… Goodnight. I pray God’s breakers would sweep over all of us as we are anchored in the depths of His love.

Mood: Undeterminable Listening to: Nothing… I’m fasting from my iPod this week
Reading: A.W. Tozer, God Tells the Man Who Cares


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