Have you seen my voice?

What a weekend!

Friday night, I went out with some friends from church to Coldstone and, although I didn’t have anything, it was quite entertaining because it turns out a few people in college group think I’m dating one of my good guy friends, so… 🙂

I went to bed with a recognizable peace and woke up with resounding joy.

I spent Saturday morning running errands and doing laundry and just rejoicing in God and in His faithfulness… and I listened to music again and actually got to sing for a while (which was awesome).

But alas, we were on our way down to Pueblo to see Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday and we stopped in Castle Rock for a short break (which was made longer because Dave wouldn’t get back in the car). Between the time that we stopped and the time we got back on the road, my voice died. Sad day.

So, we spent time with Laura and Jimmy is completely awesome live… it was really cold, though, which did absolutely nothing for this cold/sinus/whatever thing I’ve developed over the last week.

We drove up to the north side of the Springs for the night and stayed at Chris’ house. Halfway through “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Part 2”, I fell asleep (I was exhauted and just couldn’t stay awake). Nonetheless, I slept really well Saturday night.

Sunday morning, we drove back up to Fort Collins and I sat down to try and get some work done but failed because I felt so terrible (my voice was even worse than it had been Saturday). Last night, we watched “Goonies” (well… I didn’t exactly watch all of it).

Chels and I wound up in Nick’s room while he was trying to write a paper and ended up talking about marriage for several more hours than we should have after my mom told me not to strain my voice. I finally went to bed and woke up this morning with my voice the size of a whisper.

As the day went on, I just felt terrible (which is compounded by the fact that I have gotten so little sleep recently) and although I meant to get stuff done, I felt so badly that I managed to get nothing done (again). After dinner, my throat started hurting and it hasn’t stopped… It keeps getting worse (along with my voice) and my throat is really constricted right now (I know you really wanted to know that).

But Bible study was really cool tonight… it was the last one of the semester. Our leaders washed our feet and prayed over us and then we washed our leader’s feet and prayed for her. To finish out the night, we prayed for our brothers (who are amazing) and they prayed for us.

So much blessing… so little time. God is awesome.

But now I have no voice. Seriously. I was talking to Becky and it just kept getting less and less… until I was coughing every few words. And I’m still coughing.

Really tired… and I have class at 8am. Fun. Only four more days of class – praise God!

Mood: Exhausted Listening to: Switchfoot, New Way to be Human Reading: Blogs


2 thoughts on “Have you seen my voice?

  1. you made me sick! I’m glad I only have 2 days of finals left… this does not feel good…love you anyway. I got John’s graduation announcement today- didn’t anyone tell him he’s not allowed to grow up?

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