So… I spent a lot of the afternoon trying to get my printer to work (which it still doesn’t) and then I realized that I had yet to get a blue book for my lit final tomorrow… but the bookstore on-campus isn’t open on Sunday.

So, I went to the only other place that I know sells them and they closed at 6pm (I got there at 6:30 because I didn’t watch the time while trying to fix my printer).

I would get one tomorrow morning (like I usually do – right before an exam), but the bookstore opens at 7:45 and my final starts at 7.

So… I have loose-leaf paper and I’m going to make a blue cover for a packet of loose-leaf paper. That will be my blue book.

And I have to study for VisComm… and I have no motivation… and I’m really tired.

I’m complaining a lot, I know – I’m sick of it, too… I just need an attitude adjustment. A BIG one.

Mood: Exasperated Listening to: Sarah Groves, The Other Side of Something
Reading: Haggai


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