In Seven Hours…

…I will be in a classroom taking a final that I have done nothing to prepare for.

Granted, it is my literature final, is open book/open note, I will at least get partial credit (all I really need is 18 out of 25 points to get an A in the class), and my professor likes my writing, so… (here’s giving this one to the One who knows my stress level).

And, then, I have Visual Communication at 9am… which, hopefully, will not be too bad. I retain a lot more than I think I do.

But, then again, tomorrow will be a cakewalk compared to the rest of the week… Ick. I don’t like dense exam schedules.

Check this out, though…

“The man who forms the habit of beginning without finishing has simply formed the habit of failure.” [[Unknown]]

A lot of my life now makes sense. Go figure. ‘Night.

Mood: Slightly frazzled Listening to: Phil Keaggy, Acoustic Sketches
Reading: Cowman, Streams in the Desert


2 thoughts on “In Seven Hours…

  1. Ok, so because I’m home and my brain has been turned off I can’t remember where that quote is from and it’s bothering me…I know I read it recently…or heard it recently…or…something.

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