"Where It Falls"

Will You just read my heart
and tell me where it falls?
I feel I’ve taken it apart
and I don’t know where things belong.

Will You please just guard its thoughts
and keep me from myself?
This wellspring of all life is wrought
with a state of failing health.

I don’t know how to break a heart,
but I’ve never had to try.
For no one tries – it is not art –
and it’s not easier in time.

Perhaps, had silence kept its course,
more pain might have been inflicted;
My mindset needed change by force,
but need I feel so conflicted?

I could only answer from my heart,
for, in this, falsehood has no place;
But at times, I wish my answer to depart
if only to not see a disappointed face.

But what can one do but be honest and true –
to shed light on what was once dark?
Now, in my darkness, I must cry to You:
“Father, will You just read my heart?”

©2005 Alyssa Kate Grinstead


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