Spring Cleaning

I’m taking a break – granted, I have barely started and my mom will be home in 5 hours and expect everything to be done, but… it’ll get there.

I’ve got 5 CDs in our home stereo system (with surround sound) and it’s pretty sweet. One of the good things about having a dad who is a technological whiz is that you get access to some pretty cool toys… 🙂

Okay… back to cleaning now. Stuff is getting moved to the basement for summer storage and for temporary storage… and that means it all has to be sorted out and taken off of my bedroom floor (which can now be seen again – how exciting!).

Five days until Mute Math and Mat Kearny… sweet.

Mood: Particular (I’m cleaning!) Listening to: Mute Math, Reset EP
Reading: One of my brother’s graduation cards


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