Once again, I have been up way past my bedtime… this time, though, it was in an attempt to win one lousy game of solitaire on my computer while talking to some good friends online.

This past semester was hard on a lot of levels, especially regarding my interpersonal relationships with the girls that lived around me, but it’s been cool to reconnect with some of them recently… and really cool to see what God has been teaching them. It is amazing how God disciplines His children and brings them back changed.

Change happens… but there are always good things to come.

Accountability with Laura tonight was awesome… there’s nothing like talking (or just sitting) in a bookstore café while you drink hot tea with your best friend. She’s so beautiful and she’s come so far, but she’s still “in progress,” so she doesn’t always see the changes God is making in her.

It’s just a reminder that we all doubt our progress but, regardless, it is still being made. Praise God for that.

I spent the morning with my brother – he’s growing into such an amazing young man. I’m so proud of him!

He has his Senior prom tomorrow night and graduates next week… I’m going to miss him when he’s in California.

But change is the essence of time, right? It’s natural… it happens.

And it can even be good – imagine that!

“To stay in the old situation makes discipleship impossible.”
[[Dietrich Bonhoeffer]]

Ephesians 1:3-10. ‘Night.

Mood: Tranquil Listening to: House sounds
Reading: What am I not reading? (Bonhoeffer – at least for now)


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