Cleaning… again.

So, I moved back into my parents’ house last Friday and then spent this week unpacking before learning that people were coming to clean our carpets yesterday. As a result, I spent Wednesday and Thursday repacking everything and moving just about everything I own down two flights of stairs into the basement.

And now, I am currently working on moving back into my room again. I’m also going through files and school stuff and throwing stuff out, etc. I have a lot of crap, I must say.

Anyway, my brother’s all dressed and ready for prom… he’s leaving in 15 minutes, pin-stripe tux and all, so I’m taking a break until he leaves. 🙂

Saturdays are great, but I really need a job. Oh well… God will provide one if it’s meant to be.

Mood: Tired Listening to: Copeland, Beneath Medicine Tree
Reading: Inaccurate box labels


2 thoughts on “Cleaning… again.

  1. Hey Kate. I have a blog now, too! That is neat! I’ve been cleaning my room since I’ve been home, and I’ve thrown away tons of useless junk. I figure I went all this time at college without it, why should I need it now? Keep in touch this summer.

  2. Kate,Happy Birthday!I know it’s really late, but I’ve been out touch lately, and Dave reminded me. [I forgot =(] I hope the next decade will go well, and that all is well at home.

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