Crazy Times

So, I’m sitting here eating a DQ Blizzard (’cause Laura was working today), and I’m trying to think of something coherent to write on this here blog… which is the problem, you know, because I have had very few coherent thoughts since I got home almost two weeks ago.

Anyway… I’m just going to shoot off random thoughts but, while numbered, not in any particular order. 🙂

1) The concert last night was… “wow” is pretty much the only word. It was just Mat and his guitar (which is so different from his album – very cool) and then Mute Math… they put on quite a show. The drummer duct-taped his earphones to his head (and his body). MM played a lot of stuff that I haven’t heard (because, while their full-length album is recorded, it hasn’t been released), and I just love the lyrics. There’s some deep stuff buried in all that electronica. And Mat’s last song about memorial stones in the middle of the Jordan… something that’s been on my mind all semester. “Stones of remembrance” are so important in our lives… to look back and say, “that is where God led me through on dry land.” Sweetness.

2) Nick and Chels came back with me last night and were here until about 9 tonight. It was good to see people from school (because I haven’t seen anyone since I left). We watched “National Treasure” last night (and I actually saw all of it this time), went to Unique today and found some… “interesting” things (it’s a thrift store… use your imagination), stopped by to see Laura at DQ… I then cooked dinner and Nick and Mom had a long conversation about Revelation, end-time prophecy, and Preterism. Good stuff.

3) “American Idol” finale tonight… Carrie won. Check this out: my parents actually voted (4x each) and were glued to the TV set… my life just got a whole lot stranger. LOL.

4) I was supposed to get called on Friday about a job… still haven’t heard from the lady. I need to just email her, but I’m not so good with asking people for things, so we’ll see how well that turns out.

5) My room is finally clean! I’m finally moved (back) into my room! I went through five boxes of school-related stuff and managed to get it down to two… it only took me three and a half hours.

6) My aunt’s coming tomorrow… which means I have to pick up the downstairs (since Nick and Chels were there), wash the sheets, re-make the bed, etc.

7) John’s graduating on Friday! I somehow (barely) made it through the baccalaureate Sunday without crying… I’m so proud of him.

8) After his graduation, we’re going straight to a wedding! Oy! Katie and James… finally! I’m so excited for them…

9) Started a NT survey… I love learning context and history and stuff… everything else makes so much more sense!

10) I need something to do… It’s been bad to this point, but after this weekend, I will really have nothing to do but sleep and read… I need a schedule! I’m going stir-crazy! Being home is great, but I need something to do!

Hope your weeks are going well… and not nearly as crazy as mine. I’m going to bed now. ‘Night! 🙂

Mood: Delightfully Exhausted Listening to: Monarch, The Grandeur that Was Rome
Reading: Madeleine L’Engle, Sold into Egypt


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