A Graduation, A Wedding, and a Nap

Today was a very long day. It started at 5:30am when I went in to see if my brother was up yet.

His high school graduation started at 8:30 and was about an hour away. Kind of crazy, though… I have known a lot of the kids who graduated since they were nine or ten (they’re the younger siblings of people I graduated with, too). Crazy stuff.

And then, we found John afterward and booked it to Katie and James’ wedding (which we missed the ceremony), but we stayed for the reception. I’m so excited for them… this has been about eight years in the making, and it’s just cool to see them finally married. 🙂

I think it’s the first wedding I’ve gone to where I haven’t had a large urge to run off and get married. Perhaps it is just that it’s been a long time coming and I’m just so excited for them… perhaps it is just because of where I am right now on the “guy” issue… who knows. It was definitely refreshing to just be able to enjoy the wedding, though, for once.

Then, we came home! Traffic was terrible on the interstate highways due to the holiday weekend and the beginning of rush hour, so it took over an hour to get home, but we got home and I took a two-hour nap (which was wonderful) while John went to seven graduation open houses and our parents continued to clean for John’s open house tomorrow afternoon.

What a day! I think I’m going to go try and rest now… a concept to be grasped, I’m sure. ‘Night.

Mood: Content Listening to: Switchfoot, The Legend of Chin
Reading: NT Survey


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