Up and Down

This week has been… depressing? I mean, the first two weeks I was home I cleaned almost non-stop, moving things around and making sure everything was ready for friends and relatives during John’s graduation party. Then, this past weekend was pretty much non-stop with the graduation and Katie and James’ wedding, among other things.

But I knew that as soon as I had nothing to do, I would go crazy and… voila! You have me at about noon on Monday when I woke up. My brother and I went job hunting yesterday, which always puts me in a bad mood (because no one in their right mind would hire me to make food, do retail, or serve people anything) and then, I haven’t been feeling too well, so that, coupled with my 9am appointment with my oral surgeon for Friday (wisdom teeth extraction) made the day a real “winner”.

I did manage, however, to get a whole ten stars in Super Mario on N64… Ah! The good old days…

So, while I sat around this afternoon, stewing about how bored I am and how unhappy I am to be doing absolutely nothing, I managed to work myself into a verifiable bad mood. Not something I’m proud of.

Amazing how, as soon as I sat down to look for internships online this evening, the lady I’ve been waiting to hear from for a few weeks calls and says that my paperwork has been pushed through and I’m cleared to work – waiting for a job on the “Availability” list.

Which is good, because I need something to do… and I don’t want to go out hunting to find it so, hopefully, this will work out. If it does, I’ll have a little money with which to go visit friends with.

Because, despite how much I am enjoying the rest at home with my family and Laura, I am finally beginning to admit how much I miss the people that have become my family at school. The late night talks, runs to Wal-Mart, assorted movie watching, etc. is sorely missed… even the bad jokes. It seems my gluttony for stupidity only increases when I am around none at all. 🙂 I keep putting off phone calls because I know it only makes me miss people more and I figure I might as well wait until I have money to call and say, “Hey, I’m coming to visit. Is that okay?” as opposed to “Hi. How are things in (fill in the blank)? Wish I could see you sometime soon.”

See, last summer I really didn’t leave anyone when I left school. I had three friends and we all had pretty packed summers, so… yeah, we didn’t really try to keep up. But now, I have a whole family that I normally live and breathe and fellowship with. It’s hard to think of all that I’m missing.

But I guess that’s why we separate… we’re meant to grow in times apart as much as we are to grow when we are together. If only I didn’t have to be so depressed about it!

It’s a lesson that is also pretty prominent in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, too, which Laura and I just got back from seeing. Good movie.

My kneecap keeps doing funny things when I walk… and I’ll be doing funny things over the next few days, especially if the Vicadin is required.

Loopy Kate… this should be loads of fun.

Yes, this is a novel, but those are what I do best.

And Eddie! I came up with the opening line for my book… but it’s subject to change, granted on what happens when I finally start writing it. 🙂

It’s June 1st, and I am semi-employed. Praise God. ‘Night.

Mood: Semi-depressed Listening to: Caedmon’s Call, Back Home
Reading: Madeleine L’Engle, Sold into Egypt [[Only two more chapters!]]


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