30 minutes to go…

…and I can take more Vicodin. 🙂 It’s the main reason that I am still awake (other than the fact that I’m not tired).

I was fine until a few hours ago and then the right side of my mouth (where they removed two teeth) started hurting really badly… but I had already taken some medicine, so I have to wait until 1:10am to take more.

I’m swollen like a chipmunk which, if I had nothing to do, I would find greatly amusing, but since there are a number of things I could have done this weekend besides sit around and wait for the swelling in my cheeks to go down… it’s not amusing quite yet.

I iced the right side of my face all day, to no success… I think I’m more swollen now than when I began (and colder, too).

I just want my life back, is all. Watching movies is great and all, but how much can you do that before you go crazy?

I want to eat something other than ice cream, pudding, and mashed potatoes. Something solid. But I can’t really have meat for about a week. I think John and I are going to have to hit Chipotle as soon as we get the green light… a burrito sounds heavenly right about now.

It sounds like I’m complaining and I guess I am, although I honestly don’t mean it like that. Compared to what people used to go through, this is nothing… I just don’t handle pain easily at all. I don’t function with it.

Which is why I am extremely grateful that God has blessed me with a body that, for the most part, gives me no trouble.

As for now, I think I’m going to continue reading my book… I think I’ve read it before, but I’m really not sure. It might just be the Schedule II drugs talking, but I don’t remember this story at all. Go figure.

Anyway, hope all is well. Ready for school to start up again? No? Me neither. ‘Night.

Mood: Alert Listening to: The dogs breathing
Reading: Jan Karon, In This Mountain


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