Something other than pain…

…would be really nice right about now.

I stopped taking the Vicodin because I have felt naseous all day, but that also means I have to rely on the Advil I’m taking to keep down the swelling (not working) and keep the pain at bay.

I was doing better! I’m not sure what happened, but here I am, back in pain and wanting my cheeks to go back to their regular size.

I wanted to go to the songwriters’ coffeehouse tonight at church (heck – I wanted to be a part of it), but there’s no possible way I’m going anywhere feeling like this.

When will this end?

Mood: Pained Listening to: House noises
Reading: NT Survey


3 thoughts on “Something other than pain…

  1. I’m sorry you are in pain. I wish I could say that I can relate to that, but I have yet to get my wisdom teeth out. I’m praying for you. Feel better soon!!

  2. Praise the Lord that you pain will end soon. I sat up last night with Steph and watched as pain gripped her body over and over again. She was so strong and I am so proud of her…she was singing praises right through her pain, but when she couldn’t do anything but moan and cry, we sang for her…Oh Kate, I know how you feel, when I had my wisdom teeth out, I was much worse off than you are (I couldn’t eat anything for days and I was in and out of consciousness because of pain)…But whenever it gets bad, look over at your brother and praise Him for giving you support and relief…See, Steph takes Vicodin and it doesn’t even help her enough to stop the tears or the violent pain. Nausea and no pain…I think I would take it for another day.Any way hon. I hope you feel better and I will be praying for you and John. God bless!

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