Jail break!

I finally left the house tonight… went to TNL with John, stopped and bought a CD at Wal-Mart (because my mom gave me some money), and went to DQ to see just how busy Laura is at work. 🙂

Anyway… I almost look normal again. Almost. My cheeks are still larger than they really should be, but the swelling is finally starting to go down and stay down, which is a blessing.

And I have finally stopped feeling nauseous (so I’ve actually been eating somewhat decently), which is another blessing… I stopped taking Vicodin a few days ago and have, instead, been loading up on Advil and Tylenol to dull the pain. Still hurts, but it is thankfully getting better (even if it is slow).

Still sleeping on the couch… so maybe that has something to do with it. I want to lie completely horizontal for once… I haven’t done so since last Thursday! I want to wear my retainers! I want to brush all of my teeth! I want to eat chips! 😦

But it’s okay… At least the pain is finally subsiding.

Laura dropped off some puzzles today, so I’ve been working on those. I think I’m just going to take tomorrow easy and, if I’m doing a lot better, I’ll go job-hunting Thursday/Friday.

I feel like it’s Wednesday… Does anyone else feel that way? I just can’t keep track of the days.

I’m planning on heading up to Fort Collins on Saturday/Sunday (yay!) and possibly down to the Springs with Laura and her friend, Andy, on Friday (but that’s still vastly undecided). It’ll be good to see people.

I’m really getting homesick for the Fort. It’s still good to be here at home, but I just wish everyone could be here with me.

Time to do something else… 🙂 ‘Night.

Mood: Dazed Listening to: Copeland, In Motion
Reading: Jan Karon, In This Mountain


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