1, 2, 3, … 137,…

So I spent seven hours of my day in a department store with a scanner, scanning individual barcodes and then counting merchandise (to double-check numbers).

How incredibly boring can a job get?

But at least it’s a job, even if it’s only for four days.

After that, I ate lunch and spent an hour wandering around asking if people were hiring.

Surprise! No one wants to hire anyone for summer work at this point in the summer… they’re just looking for permanent people. No luck for me, I guess, but I have a few more days to look.

Then… camp! 🙂

My feet hurt like crazy and it’s good to finally sit down… I might take a nap, too, because I didn’t sleep as well as I wanted to last night. Hmm…

Mood: Braindead Listening to: Mae, The Everglow
Reading: A.W. Tozer, God Tells the Man Who Cares


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