The Bane and Blessing of Seasonal Stock Rooms

I spent the last two hours of my shift today in a seasonal stock room full of Christmas ornaments, candles, etc. A whole ton of merchandise crammed into a little shelved, non-ventilated room in the middle of summertime.

Yeah… that was smart.

But it got me more hours after just about everyone left, which is good because I need the money.

It also managed to make me completely braindead after counting certain fixtures 4-5 times to figure out why I couldn’t get my numbers to match up (something I haven’t really had a problem with until now).

It would be okay if there were only a few items per fixture, but we’re talking 70-100 on average with things that have to be moved around (and remembered where they were moved to) and moved back – all while not double-scanning/counting anything.

I officially have the most boring job in the world. And my feet hurt.

And I get to do the same thing tomorrow. Again. Praise God – I am so grateful I have a job, even if it’s only temporary (as all things are).

I’m going to go eat dinner now and go to TNL with Laura and John before I come home and (I’m praying) sleep really well until 4:15 tomorrow morning when I have to get up. That would be nice. ‘Night.


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