Off and Away

I’m hanging up the blogging for two (maybe three) weeks, as I am headed out for camp tomorrow and I will probably be without technology (and especially Internet acess) for the same amount of time.

It will be my sixth year on staff and my third as Senior staff (which I just love). I’m ready to see the campers that I have watched grow up over the years – it is so amazing to see God working in their lives.

This past week was just nuts and I can’t believe it’s time to pack up and leave like I have done so many times over the years. My bags are almost packed, but not quite, and I have to get up early to finish and get to church before we leave.

It will definitely be a long day, but it will be worth it. At its end, I will find myself in the midst of the familiar deafening silence that is different each year, in a place where God breaks me differently each year.

Just a little smoother… 🙂

If you need to get ahold of me for whatever reason, feel free to call and leave a message on my cell phone. I will try and get back to you as soon as I can, but it might take a while (camp runs Monday afternoon through Saturday morning). Hopefully, I’ll get to check messages once a day, but those plans can easily change. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I pray you are all growing in the Lord. All my love. I’m out of here!

Mood: Eager Listening to: House sounds (it’s 2AM!)
Reading: Psalm 119


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