Already Wednesday

Wow… time just seems to be booking around here, and I’m not exactly doing my best at getting done what needs to get done (although stuff has been getting done).

Here’s the rundown of the last few days…

Saturday, I woke up and went to the memorial for Nathan, which was a pretty cool experience. There is such a difference when you have the hope and assurance that someone is with the Lord. Laura and I went out and had the first half of our accountability in the evening, which was good… we had a lot of ground to cover.

Sunday, I woke up, went to church, went to a wedding and drove to Fort Collins for what I thought was going to be a meeting for the Bible study in the residence halls (but it wasn’t because that meeting was on Monday – I got the day wrong). Instead, I made cookies with Nick, went to flock, hung out at Steph and Beth’s new place and talked to Danielle into the night (which was fun – I miss our random-hour chats).

Monday, I woke up on Em’s couch (it’s a pattern, I know) and went to breakfast with Nick so we could discuss Bible study stuff for Newsom (which was good – I’m really excited for this fall). We popped in to say “hi” to our college pastor and then I headed home, where I proceeded to cook a rather large number of blueberry muffins and an apple pie before Dave and Chris showed up (to hang out before Dave left for ROTC training this morning). We wound up downtown at the Pavillions with Laura and Andy to see A@O and Sonicflood play a show (with some great author/speakers sprinkled in there). Funny thing, though… it was hot. 🙂

Tuesday, I slept past 8am for the first time in about five weeks. I can’t exactly remember what I did, but I know it was something that was important… Accountability! That’s it! Laura and I went to Borders and cashed in on our free drink cards (’cause we’re frequent drinkers there) and finished our accountability time. I was kind of frustrated with some stuff, so… it took a while. It really sucks when you’re frustrated with being “you”.

Tuesday night, John, Laura, Andy and I went to TNL where Rob Bell (of Mars Hill Bible Church) spoke on Leviticus 16. I know you’re thinking, “Dude… Leviticus is lame,” but you’re wrong. I spent last summer studying tabernacle and the sacrifical system and stuff and I must say that last night made it all the more cool. Rob Bell had a live goat onstage with a guy dressed in priestly garments and the coolest part is that “The goat has left the building”. Ask me about it when you actually see me and I’ll explain… it’s too complicated to write out in only a few words. 🙂

Today, I woke up and played piano (I’ve been working on a song which I really like), woke up John and went to go get an emissions test for my car. Only thing is, I was a little wrong on where the testing place was and John and I wound up down near DU instead of where we were supposed to be. So… we wandered around a little, but finally found the place and my car passed its test (good car). We went to Safeway and got grub for John’s friends (who came over tonight and watched “Back to the Future, Part 2”) before we went and got Laura. Laura and I dropped John off and went to get my paycheck, which is short a day’s pay (something I’m not too thrilled about).

But we went to Michael’s and raided the clearance bins for note cards and ribbon and such. It was fun and everything was $1. I like it when everything is $1. It’s more in my price range. And then, after a stop at DQ so Laura could write a note about her schedule (she goes back to work next week), I dropped her off at home and went home to pick things up and finish my laundry.

Which I did. And I ate dinner. And I picked up my floor so you can actually see it again. And I read some more of my book before I spent a lot of time looking at camp pictures and smiling widely. 🙂

You really wanted to know that much, I know you did. More later about camp. ‘Night.

Mood: Apathetic Listening to: Bobby McFerrin
Reading: L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


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