Water-logged and Slightly Toasted

So… not feeling too good. LOL. As my dad says, it should be of no surprise to anyone since I got four hours of sleep on Monday night (after visiting camp friends on the north side of town and reading until 3:30am), spent yesterday at WaterWorld with those same friends (all day in the 100 degree sunshine – we left after closing) and then read last night after having a massive headache for which I took regular pain medication, some Sudaphed (in case it was sinus-related), and drank a caffeinated soda (which never makes anything better besides a headache).

And as I slept, the fan in my room dried out my throat (coupled with the Sudaphed), so that hurt today and I drank a lot of water because of it.

And, for whatever reason, my neck feels like it’s stiff – as if I slept in a funny position last night (possibly due to the sunburn on my back)… for me, a stiff neck is kind of weird.

But it was 106 degrees today, which was fun, I guess. I got to go to WalMart in the amazing hotness of the day and rush food home before the ice cream melted and the meat cooked itself. Then, I made food. And I finished my book.

After we finished dinner, my mom and dad were lauding (somewhat mockingly) my ability to survive on my own – I can cook, clean, sew, etc. all on my own and at a high rate of success (I think it’s just because I know how to follow directions, but you never know).

Anyway… it just set me thinking (again) about how soon I really am going to be on my own and how I want to do things in my house (or apartment – whatever), whenever that happens.

I’m a nerd, but I’d like to have a system for the dishwasher. And I’d really like things to be accessible and well-organized… but I suppose that people always have hopes like that and then entropy takes over… not fair.

If only I had the self-discipline to be obsessive-compulsive! LOL. That’ll be the day.

But at least I woke up before noon today… that’s an improvement over the past week or so. Considering I haven’t slept late since last summer, it’s been quite a shock to find my body finally relaxing itself to the point where it can again.

Plus, I think I’m definitely fighting off some bug or something… there’s really no reason to sleep that long, unless it’s spiritual, which it very well may be due to my summer “theme” of self-discipline.

Any way it falls, the result is still the same – I need to get up and get moving in the mornings. There is too much to do… too much to learn before mid-August that I cannot waste my days oversleeping or loafing about the house.

Good news, though… my skin color has changed from that of a marshmallow to that of a slightly toasted one. That’s right… Kate’s got some color on her at last. White for most… tan for me.

If only I spent more time in the sun… 🙂

Mood: Slightly stunned Listening to: The fan in my room
Reading: J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [finished]


One thought on “Water-logged and Slightly Toasted

  1. I didn’t think that you were that fond of Water World. I’m glad to hear that someone gets to sleep in. I have been getting up early to work all week. Stay relaxed, because it all ends very quickly come mid-August.

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