And the floor is clean… Again.

I have managed to get to the floor in my bedroom once more and now can view it in all of its glory.

And I have realized that I have a ton of clothing. Much more than I could ever need and, yet, I seem to wear all of it. Go figure.

Anyway… still not doing so grand on the whole sleep thing, but I’m hoping that will change tonight.

I figure, I’ll go upstairs and read until I conk out which will, hopefully, be a lot sooner than later. My body can’t take it anymore! But I get to go swimming tomorrow… and I’m excited about that.

Which leads me to another point: I am hideously out of shape for swimming. Yesterday, when I went to the pool and did laps, I couldn’t even do a full length of butterfly (which just proves I’m a weakling). I used to do 100 yards straight of that stroke and it wouldn’t phase me! How I miss swim team…

But I will return… I keep saying I’m going to start going on a regular basis and getting back into shape for long-distance stuff. Problem is, I suck at “warming up”… I always have. I get in the pool and go full throttle until I burn out… which, considering my lack of being in shape, does not take long.

Work, work, work… that’s what I do with school and sports and just about everything. I work, I burn out, and then I’m useless. How I need to understand balance and taking things easy (at times)!

I know that is a (seemingly) pointless rant, and I’m sorry… I’ve been doing that a lot lately and my thoughts have been a lot less coherent. Hmm… sleep is good (or so I’ve heard).

I miss Fort Collins… I’m ready to be back. But in order to go back, I have to pack my clothes… just not right now… ’cause then I would have nothing to wear before I leave. Right…

I’m going to go now. You know, read, sleep… ‘Night.

Mood: Scrambled Listening to: Smalltown Poets, Smalltown Poets
Reading: 1 John, Chapter 4 [Thru the Bible with J. Vernon McGee]

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