Just Another Tuesday…

I spent part of yesterday afternoon at the rec center with my brother running on a treadmill and swimming laps… exercise is always good once you get there, but it takes such an effort to get me there… 🙂

And then I had accountability with Laura, who I finally saw for the first and only time in a week. We had to go B&N because, alas, our spot at Borders is closed for remodelling… sad day.

Last night, I finished the NT survey that I’ve been working through this summer and, tonight, I’m going to start on some other stuff that I’ve been wanting to get to all summer, so I’m excited about that…

John and I went to TNL tonight and heard a guy talk about the Kingdom of God (’cause he’s been a missionary all over the world), which was cool. We listened to Caedmon’s Call’s “Share the Well” on the way there, so we were kind of in the mood for it. It’s such a fun, moving, and convicting CD… all in one. Good stuff. We went to Chili’s after and had chips ‘n’ queso. Mmm…

In other news… (not too exciting tonight and, for that, I’m sorry) my small group from high school is getting together on Friday (which is totally awesome… I haven’t seen everyone since Christmas). We’re dressing “up” and going downtown for dinner before coming back to Hannah’s apartment for a gabfest… ’cause we do that, you know… TALK!

That actually used to be our problem… which is why we started meeting every week instead of every other. We would talk so much that we wouldn’t get to the lesson part of the night… so we would talk the whole time every other week and actually learn something the weeks in between. Such great times…

Things are going okay here, although I’m definitely ready to be back in the Fort. I’m having to restrain myself from packing now because I really want to do it and do it better than I did last year. But that will be difficult to do, considering last year I was working full time and packing in the middle of the night and this year I am doing, well… nothing. 🙂

Oh… for anyone who has been wondering what those “things” are at the top of the page… they’re butterflies and I’m not sure if I’m going to keep them yet or not, so…

I’m going to go now… and do stuff I should have done a lot earlier on today. ‘Cause that is usually a good idea. ‘Night.

Mood: Anticipatory Listening to: Caedmon’s Call, Share the Well
Reading: C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce [I’m on a C.S. Lewis kick currently…]


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