Rain, Chemicals, TMNT and Napoleon

I woke up at nine o’ clock this morning and laid in bed for three hours listening to the rain (because I had nothing urgent to be doing). It’s pretty rare that you wake up to rain in Colorado, although I am sure that if you lived somewhere like Seattle, it would be a more common occurrence… If I lived in Seattle, I would never get anything done because I would just lie in bed all day listening to the rain.

When I finally did get up, I proceeded to try to finish cleaning the house (which I do every other week). The chemicals were really strong today because the air is muggy so it holds more chemically stuff. I managed to get everything done but the showers before I ran out of cleaning supplies, which I have to go out and get tomorrow to finish the cleaning process.

Tonight, however, I actually left the house (I know, *gasp*!) and went to a barbecue to welcome the new leader for the college group here at my parents’ church. He’s a pretty cool guy… totally not what I expected, but that’s cool. The burgers were excellent, as were the movie choices…

Movie #1: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Original Movie. Nice. Classic.

Movie #2: Napoleon Dynamite. It’s been quite a while since I last saw this, so it was great. Skills galore. My brother watched it last night, too… and he was quite amusing because he got the biggest kick out of it. Go figure. 🙂

All in all, it was fun, despite the fact that I really don’t fit in very well with the college group here anymore. It’s kind of sad, but it really just makes me want to be in Fort Collins even more.

I am currently listening to a shuffle on my computer because I’m too lazy to get up and put in a CD.

My mom is doing her continuing education (for her pharmacy license) and she’s studying some sleep disorder which she claims is her diagnosis for what I have (and she’s usually right). It’s a condition where your sleep cycle actually shifts 3-6 hours periodically for no apparent reason, causing you to be extra-sleepy when you are awake, even if you sleep well during your shifted sleep cycle… Yeah, it definitely sounds like whatever I’ve got. I’m so ready to have something to force me out of bed (like classes to go to) so that I can hopefully shift back and not be so tired anymore.

That would be awesome…

Anyway… I get to go shopping tomorrow, clean showers, go to the rec center, clean up and go catch up with the girls at dinner, which I’m stoked about. The opportunity to have (almost) everyone together is exciting.

14 days and I will be in Fort Collins again… 🙂

Mood: Burnt Out Listening to: Bebo Norman, Myself When I Am Real
Reading: C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce


One thought on “Rain, Chemicals, TMNT and Napoleon

  1. Girls only like guys with sweet skills…never forget that ok? Well, I guess you can forget that as long as you never forget you love for Christ…but remembering the other thing might amuse you in years to come. I am glad things are going well. I midd you and I will see you soon…We get to move soon.

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