I have never been in want or need;
I have never had lack of anything;
I have seen my share of castles and kings –
How empty it all seems!

I have walked barefoot along the shore;
I have known a home where I am loved and warm;
I have never lived through famine or war –
My hands are clean.

For my blessing, it keeps me,
and it keeps me from knowing
how my brothers live everyday.
And my blessing, it keeps me –
it keeps me from showing
love for my sisters this day.

I have watched the eyes of a child
as they light up with the wildest of smiles,
as she climbs over deep mattress piles –
talking in letters like sand.

And I have seen a young girl’s hand,
outstretched with the fruit of the land,
giving me all that she has –
How foreign I am!

For her blessing, it keeps her,
and it keeps her from knowing
the dissatisfaction I find everyday.
And her blessing, it keeps her –
it keeps her showing
that we can give it all away.

What blessing in nothing!
The distractions are few –
You bring us to focus solely on You.

For Your blessing, it keeps us,
and it keeps us from knowing
what You suffered for our every day.
And Your blessing, it keeps us –
it keeps us showing
Your love and Your saving grace.

©2005 Alyssa Kate Grinstead


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