Of Get-togethers and Wasted Days

The past couple days have been kind of crazy… here’s why:

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping for my mom, grabbed lunch with my brother (we walked to and from the local Chipotle), and then came home to clean up for dinner with the girls.

We got dressed up (some more than others – I being one of the “some”) which was fun. We were going to go downtown to grab some grub at Rock Bottom Brewery, but everything was pretty well packed out, so we wound up at California Pizza Kitchen near the mall, which was good too.

It was good to get to see the girls. I miss our time together every week, but I wouldn’t trade my current life for the one I lived in high school. I got to see Hannah and her husband, Daniel, who joined us for dinner.

And Lauren is now engaged, which is cool, but kind of sad… ’cause soon enough, I might very well find myself the crazy old spinster woman who throws cats at small children. 🙂

It’s just weird, I guess… we were always the small group of girls who didn’t date, who didn’t want to date, and thought of marriage as being a million lightyears away, and now, several have guys, one is married, one is getting married… I just feel old or something and the odd one out.

So… I was out late last night and came home to sleep (which I actually did when I finally got ready for bed around 2:30 – yay!) and then I woke up to an extraordinary amount of pain and my dad telling me that the air conditioning is broken.

I spent my afternoon waiting for medication to work its way through my system when I had originally planned to just sit with my Bible for an extended period of time.

The best-laid plans of mice and men… oft times go awry.

Once I finally felt better, Laura called (’cause she got off from work) and we ventured out to find something to do, asking ourselves, “What do people do on a Saturday night?” Because, you see, we have no idea. We’re not normal. We go to church and hang out playing board games on Saturday nights… and when you don’t have a church to go to or your friends to play board games with… you get us wondering what the heck normal people do on a Saturday night.

As a result, we went to VI, where we ate dinner (because I was finally hungry and Laura had only eaten mashed potatoes). We then tried to see a movie, but all that was left were late showings, so we decided against it and we went to Wal-Mart.

Now… you have to understand that I haven’t been to Wal-Mart without a shopping list for my mom in… a very long time, so we wandered around the store and looked at stuff ’cause we’re weird like that. I got a Hershey bar, though… which made the trip well worth it. 🙂

And now, I’m back at home and I am actually tired enough that I might fall asleep. Amazing, huh?

Hopefully I’ll get some rest and not sleep through my alarm in the morning. That would be great.

And, since Laura is working, I might be able to do what I had planned for today, tomorrow. That would be great, too.

That, and if my typing skills would improve… they’re kind of bad right now. Must be the drugs. ‘Night.

Mood: Ready for Sleep Listening to: Mae, The Everglow
Reading:C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce


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