Hetoimazo Like a Mad Woman…

Hetoimazo (verb):
1. to make ready, prepare
2. to make the necessary preparations, get everything ready

… Between Thursday night and Friday morning, my stress level rose about 500-bazillion percent. I found out Friday that I actually have to show up for jury duty at 8am tomorrow. If they actually use me, I could be used for a yet-to-be-determined amount of time, so I’ve been trying to get as much packed as I can before I find out if I’m going to be able to have time to finish packing that isn’t in the middle of the night (which is actually what I did last year because I worked full-time up through Friday and then moved in Saturday).

It’s too crazy! I have (possibly) three fewer days to get ready to move that I thought I did last Thursday… and the possibility is what is currently stressing me out!

Nevermind that, though… I got to hang out with Laura tonight, which was awesome. I miss just getting to hang out with her at random times and talking in one large unending sentence (’cause we do that so well). I was hoping to get to spend time with her the first few days of this week, but I don’t know if that will actually end up happening (due to the aforementioned stuff)… she’s finally done with work and I still might not get to spend time with her. 😦

We looked at rings online tonight (’cause we’re nerds)… John thinks we’re unhealthy emotionally. Oh well… Some of them were really pretty and it seems that the place to start looking for engagement rings is on eBay… 🙂

I’ve been working through some passages and continuing in my word studies (which are taking a while because most of the passages are several verses, not just one or two). It’s been really cool to just dig in my heels and see what God placed in the original language… very sweet.

Anyway… I need to finish up some stuff and then attempt the wonderful, elusive thing called “sleep”. Early morning. Great.

Two days and I’m on my way… 🙂

Mood: Stressed Listening to: iTunes library (Random)
Reading: Luke, The Book of Acts


One thought on “Hetoimazo Like a Mad Woman…

  1. It kind of bothers me that I woke up only a couple of hours after you posted this. I’m gonna have trouble getting back into “Fort Collins time.”I hope that everything winds down smoothly, and you get everything done. I am going up Tuesday morning, and am really excited to go back.I will see you soon, when everyone is back Up Top.

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