Because All I See is Me (Repost)

Because all I see is me, if I were to take a good look at myself, all I would see would be the dirt, the scratches and the scars left behind by various battles, and I would see that I am completely unfinished.

Because all I see is me, I would notice each discoloration, area of weakness, and every imperfection.

And I, as a lump of clay, being fashioned into a pot by the Potter, would complain about it.

Of course, God looks down at me in surprise that I would, in the words of a friend of mine, “mouth off” to my Maker, and yet, He refuses to smash me, no matter how simple it would be to do so.

Instead, He simply smiles and carefully removes the clay where He’s given me a mouth, and begins to refashion it into an ear.

He takes a crimson stain and covers up all of my discolorations, takes the purest water and washes away all the dirt that once was upon me, and holds up a mirror to show that the scratches and scars left behind form the most intricate of patterns.

Slowly, He redistributes some of the clay from my strongest spots to those that are my weakest, strengthening them in a way that I could never accomplish on my own.

Into my newly formed ear, He states firmly and clearly:

“Because all I see is you, My child, where you see ugly scars, I see marks of character, set just where they make the best design; where you see discolorations, I see only the color of My Son’s blood, spilt so that you would not have to know life apart from Me. I see nothing in you that I cannot use.”

And, then, I am placed into the fire in order to make me firm enough to use.

It is then that I realize I never did anything – that all I ever could do was “do the job of clay ” and rest in the Potter’s hands.

And it is then, I realize, that He always finishes.

©2004 Alyssa Kate Grinstead
[[originally published at saLt on 01.31.2004]]


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