Why do we need Mondays?

I got up and went to class, where we still managed to not finish discussing Gilgamesh and then got out of history early because we have an exam Wednesday and he finished our material…

Let me say, I really do not like “reporting”. I like my professor. I like that she was a media theorist so we get classes like today where we talk about the media’s role in creating hegemonic stereotypes (I really like that stuff).

But I don’t like reporting.

I wrote my first story while I was on Vicodin and received the second-highest grade in the class. I wrote the re-write on very little sleep, thanks to Chris (it’s always a blame game around here), and received the highest grade for my rewrite.

Did I mention that I did very little work on this article? Did I mention that I was on drugs?

There just doesn’t seem to be much of a point.

Anyway, while I was in Reporting I checked my billing stuff online to see if my scholarship check had cleared yet. Well… only half of it cleared and since the ‘rents are out-of-town and that stuff is all due today, I have to go to the bank and transfer money from my savings so that I can write a check and get it in to the cashier before closing today.

Stupid scholarship stuff. Why can’t they just make it easy?

Other than that, though, I’m pretty good. I just have a very long list of things to do written in black ink on my left hand.

And I miss my brother, who started orientation at CalPoly today. But I don’t know when I’m going to be able to do that. 😦

Time to work on the list now… and get stuff straightened out. That would be good.

Mood: Slightly frazzled Listening to: Switchfoot, Nothing is Sound
Reading: Acts


2 thoughts on “Why do we need Mondays?

  1. Kate, you have such a magnetic personality, even over the computer…I hated reporting too… that’s why I quit newspaper. And I really like Sara Groves. A lot. And I still haven’t heard any of switchfoot’s new album.And, your blog is really vague…and I’m starved for details about you, so I’m going to visit someone else’s blog right now…Ltares.

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