Why "Open Lab" doesn’t work…

So… in the past week, I have managed to waste five hours of open lab time doing absolutely nothing but checking my email and looking for stuff online (that, granted, I do need for my article and for my production class, but still…)

I am extremely unproductive. I work best on deadline. Having three weeks to do a project or a week to write an article when I have all that I need at home seems silly to me when I’m sitting in a computer lab and I’m supposed to be doing something.

Oh well.

My stomach is growling. It’s hungry (that’s normally what that means, I’m told).

But, yeah… the last few days have been pretty good. A little rocky with some things, but I should still make deadline this week on everything that I need to get done, so praise God for that!

Too bad I can’t bring myself to sit down and read for 24 hours straight or so. I have to start the Iliad for Western Myth and I can’t bring myself to do it.

Not to mention I have a paper due in that class on Wednesday. I should work on that.

Ope! And I have an article due tomorrow… and a slew of other things to work on. And I should be reading…

But today is a day off (again) with the exception of an interview or two for the article I’m writing. That’ll be nice. Bare minimum strikes yet again.

I got to sing on worship team last night, which was fun even though I couldn’t hear anything and we really hadn’t practiced all together. It just means that God was in control all the more. I’m really excited to be able to serve in that capacity again this semester… I have worship practice Saturday for the retreat, which has me stoked.

I miss my brother, though… we keep playing phone tag. What good are free minutes if you can’t even get ahold of your family member because he’s in another state?

Seriously, though… don’t let John touch your iPod. He’s not so lucky in that department (soon to be on #4).

I keep bouncing from subject to subject because I’m sitting here with Emily and we’re looking at random stuff online, like hostels in Europe and all. We want to go back.

I used to do this in 211 last semester. I don’t think I really worked in class… I just knew I had to show up for a certain period of time. My email would be checked, my blog updated, pop culture news would magically work its way into my brain,… LOL.

The worst thing about being a JT major is that you have to keep up with the news. All of it.

Just because Britney Spears is of no interest to you personally, it doesn’t give you an excuse to not know she had a baby boy yesterday.

Which she did. Let’s just hope I’m not required to know the name.

Even I don’t care about my major that much. 🙂

Hope all is well… I’m going to pretend to do some more work now.

Mood: Ornery Listening to: Switchfoot, Nothing is Sound
Reading: My brother’s blog… http://treesofthepalmpersuasion.blogspot.com/


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