Do I actually live here?

The past few days, I haven’t really lived in my room at all… I haven’t really even lived in the dorms (not that I’m complaining… ’cause it’s been really nice to get out), but anyway…

Thursday was Chris’ birthday and I went with him to the small group he’s a part of on Thursday nights (with a bunch of people I already know)… we made chicken enchilada casserole stuff and the boys made homemade salsa (which packed a punch) and it was all wonderfully good. Abra also made Chris a German chocolate cake, which was very good.

Chris and I walked back to the dorms, which was nice (even though it was a cold night). We hung out for a while and, because I was falling asleep standing up (well… kind of), I went to bed.

I didn’t go to either of my classes Friday (I made Dave go to Myth and it was the day after an exam in Media History, so I’m not too worried about ’em)… I slept instead and it was delightful. I needed a day off.

But I didn’t (exactly) get a day off, as I had to write my article for 320 (which I did very quickly and at the last possible minute). I took Chris shopping with his birthday money (because his car battery is fried)… That was fun.

I went out with Emily and Lauren last night, which I haven’t done in a while, but it was good to sit around a table, talk, eat chocolate and watch them attempt to consume one alcoholic beverage apiece (because they’re lightweights… so it’s funny). I am so incredibly blessed to have good friends from CREW that I can still hang out with for hours.

When I returned home, Chris and I took a walk, which I enjoyed. Afterward, I broke out the Iliad (or tried to, much to Chris’ dismay) and managed to get through 10 pages before I realized that I was exhausted and had absolutely no idea whatsoever what the plot was (and I was really tired).

But I laid down on the couch with a blanket on me (in Chris’ room) and wound up sleeping there the whole night because I was comfortable and because no one sleeps in there anyway (except on random occasions).

At a quarter to 8 this morning, Chris came in and woke me up because we were going to go climb Grey Rock just north of here. We went and I think I got about halfway up (maybe?) before I started getting a headache and felt really thirsty (a good sign that you’re dehydrated, which I don’t doubt that I was). So, the two of us went back down and waited (for a few hours) for everyone else to join us.

From 1 to 4pm, I had worship practice for the retreat (coming up in two weeks), which was good. Tonight, we went to church and then to dinner, where Chris and I both had former professors at the next table over (the professors are married), so he eavesdropped a little and it was entertaining.

Good food. Good company.

Now that I have hung out some (trying to be more social) and talked with some of the girls that I haven’t seen in a while, I am in my room listening to the new Switchfoot album, which finally showed up today, and I am more than ready to go to sleep before I wake up to go to church in the morning (I get to be the “outsider” now, but that’s okay – I want to go).

I am so blessed. Still peaceful. Still content. Still happy.

And sleepy. So… I’m going to go try to get rid of that now.

Mood: Sleepy Listening to: Switchfoot, Nothing is Sound
Reading: Homer, Iliad


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