Ink on My Hand

Well, I have another list going on the back of my hand… it’s just that this one is taking a lot longer to mark stuff off on.

Shall I explain?

I’m too lazy to take it out, but I will… probably today.

This I already did. It consisted of checking my computer to see if I have a copy of Adobe PageMaker. I don’t. Well… I kind of do, but it’s not working.

I did this, too… in fact, this item and the one above it are the only things that I have marked off of my hand. I typed up my first two assignments and finished the fourth. Good stuff.

E337 Paper
Ah… Western Myth. Paper #1. Due tomorrow. Still have 1/2 page left (but at least I am working on it and started before 1am the morning it’s due, right?). Anyway… this will get done before 2pm because I’m determined 1) to be done with it and 2) to go with Chris to Niwot.

320 Rewrite
I really do not like Reporting. My half-baked, not-really-caring-at-all effort of last week panned out to be about the same as my attempt while on drugs. That certainly should motivate me to work harder, right? Nope. I have to rewrite it by Friday (although I don’t have to do too much). Only 10 more weeks to go…

Man, oh man, do I need to do laundry. Well… I don’t really have to, but I either have to do laundry or iron stuff and since I hate ironing stuff… laundry it is. Probably tomorrow. Clean clothes would be nice.

I have needed to do dishes for about two weeks. It hasn’t happened yet. Maybe I’ll do that before 2pm, too… Gotta aim high and see how productive I can be.

We need an icebreaker question for Bible study tonight and I’m really bad at coming up with them. Any ideas? Let me know.

Post Office
I have a package for Laura sitting in my room with a Waiting CD and a card in it, and I have yet to get to the post office to send it to her. But I want to. And she wants the CD. And I’ve already delayed the card ’cause I wrote it over a week ago. I should get that sent. Probably tomorrow.

Check for Mom
Like normal, I owe my mother money. How much? I don’t know. It’s possibly in the quarter-million-dollar range, but she’ll only make me pay $25-30. I need to find the receipt and figure that out and then put a check in the mail.

Gilmore Girls is on tonight and I aim to watch it sometime later this week (because I have more pressing things to do than to schedule my life around a TV show). So… I need to set the VCR.

I am sure that there are a ton of other things that I need to do, as well… especially considering the numerous other deadlines I have the rest of this week, but I don’t really care right now. And I should really utilize this class for its purpose – working on my PageMaker project (especially since it turns out that I don’t have a copy of the program at home).

That’s all for now. I’m going to work now. I think. 🙂

Mood: Bored Listening to: Nothing… my iPod battery needs charging
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