Homeward Bound

Yes, this week has been kind of crazy, but I am finally done with my midterms and projects and stuff. The only thing left is to find my critiques for my feature story and then rewrite it and get it in before I leave.

Which could be a problem because I can’t find the critiques… 🙂

Anyway, I’m finally going home. It’s been six weeks, I think, which is a crazy long time. It will be strange, though, because it will be quiet this time. John’s not there anymore and he always filled the house with noise.

It will be good though, ’cause I’ll get to spend time with the ‘rents, get some work done (which I need to do a lot of) and then I get to have a sleepover with Laura tomorrow night(!)

I’m so excited! We’re actually going to act like real friends who get to spend time with one another!

So… I’m going to go find stuff now. Then work. That would be good.

Mood: Good Listening to: David Crowder Band, A Collision (or 3+4+7)
Reading: Criticism about my feature story


2 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. I want to go home too, lucky. Anyways I am going to WestLake (North LA) this weekend to fall retreat with campus crusade. Have fun and enjoy the peace and quiet. Love you and miss you a lot.JG

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